A2iA, best technology for French handwriting recognition

2iA: takes First Place in Worldwide Handwriting Recognition Competition

At ICDAR 2011, A2iA participated in a new competition of French handwriting recognition. Participants submitted the results obtained from their automated recognition system from both images of handwritten words and complete lines.

A2iA obtained very high recognition performances and was ranked first among all the competitors, private companies and university research laboratories.

This international award, which follows A2iA’s second place finish at ICDAR 2009 for both Arabic and French handwriting recognition, confirms A2iA’s position as the leading software developer of cursive handwriting recognition technology.

 Research remains at the core of A2iA’s development, as the company has always relied on R&D to strengthen its technological lead. A2iA still operates one of the world’s largest private research centers specialized in cursive handwriting recognition, employing 11 PhDs and a total of 34 engineers, whose projects are then adapted for A2iA’s recognition engines. This approach allows A2iA to continuously improve the performance of its software and address today’s changing business needs. 

ICDAR 2011: September 18th-21st, 2011, Beijing, China

More information here: A2iA website

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