Quaero welcomes 5 SMEs

Quaero announces the arrival of new talents. With five SMEs joining the consortium,  A2IA, Easy Life Mobile, IteSoft, Movea and Systran, the program opens up to new industrial and commercial outlets and extends its R&D scope. Quaero is happy to welcome these new partners Quaero is happy to welcome these new partners who thus come to reinforce the core technology cluster and to complete the portfolio of the application projects in these four areas:

  • Gesture interface for social and personalized TV - (Movea)
  • Processing of enterprise multimedia in-coming documents - (Itesoft, A2IA)
  • Multimodal research on mobile phone - (Easy Life Mobile)
  • Online translation of text, audio and video - (Systran)

"Quaero acts as a booster for innovating SMEs such as A2iA. The many scientific interactions with the members of the consortium have already helped our company to accelerate the developments of new multilingual handwriting recognition methods. »

Jean-Louis Fages, A2iA CEO

"We found in Quaero academic partners to study our technological barriers and industrial partners able to provide us with components for our next generation products. The MECA application project is an extraordinary opportunity to interact with several partners helping us to breakthrough our technological frontiers. »

Didier Charpentier, Itesoft Chairman

“With Quaero, Movea found the perfect ecosystem to sharpen its gesture interaction technology, to develop new complementary components and to reinforce its leadership on the market of motion-enabled browsing of media contents.”

Sam Guilaumé, CEO Movea

“In order to design tomorrow’s translation tools, we need to combine various technologies. Quaero has allowed a cross-fertilization between the technologies coming from the CTC (Core Technology Cluster) such as Speech Translation, and SYSTRAN’s proven technologies regarding automatic translation. By carrying out application projects, we're in a position to come up with new tangible and operational services that match true user needs. »

Jean Senellart, SYSTRAN R&D Director

 “The arrival of “young blood” is exciting news for Quaero.   On one hand, the new partners are going to boost the program and, on the other, the newcomers will benefit from the technological assets and knowledge developed by the partners and they will enrich them. Quaero has demonstrated that various partners gathered within an ecosystem which goes from research to industry, can generate remarkable concrete results. »

Gary Donnan, Quaero Chairman

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