Quaero @ Futur en Seine 2012

Seven demonstrations developed within the framework of Quaero will be presented at Futur en Seine 2012. Futur en Seine is a biennial international festival created by Cap Digital in 2009, which became annual in 2012, and which shows each year during ten days the latest digital innovations to French and international professionals and to the general public.

Quaero is happy to take part in this event for the second time. This year, seven demonstrations related to video, image, music, speech, audio and text processing will be presented by several partners of Quaero, from June 14th to June 17th, 2012 at the Village of the Innovations, in section "Knowledge & Data".

Multilingual and multimedia search based audio content in broadcast news, automatic broadcast chaptering.

Voxalead Débat Public is a search engine dedicated to the debates of the French National Assembly, open data debates that are available on etalab (the debates of the Senate will soon be integrated as well). This demonstrator allows to carry out text queries within the interventions of the deputies and the government members and to visualize the associated concepts and/or key words.  It also allows the user to have an overview of the covered topics within a complete set of interventions, within the interventions of a particular deputy or even those of a parliamentary group.  Thanks to these functionalities, the user can learn quickly about the position held by a parliamentary group on a given subject.
From now on, with Voxalead Public Debate, the public debate is genuinely public.

Sunday musicians, accomplished artists, experienced music-lovers, groupies in fury, or wild fans... Imagine all the universe of music on a single website. You have a tune in mind? You’re looking for information about an artist? You want to attend one of his concerts? MuMa collects Tweeter flows, Facebook news or information in real time, from the specialized sites... Tinkle, click, swing... And listen!

  • MediaCentric® - Processing of multimedia & multilingual contents (Bertin/Systran) 

MediaCentric® is a solution dedicated to Media Mining which ranges from stand-alone ready-to-use software and hardware systems down to software services to be integrated in information systems.
MediaCentric® OSINT notably automates acquisition, monitoring, exploration, analysis and dissemination of multimedia (video, audio, image and text) and multilingual content from satellite and terrestrial broadcast TV / radio, Web TV, podcast and UGC (User-Generated Content). By the combined use of video and image analysis technologies (face recognition, text extraction by OCR...), speech analysis, text mining and translation, MediaCentric® allows automatic extraction of relevant information within all collected flows and offers a user-friendly interface dedicated to multimedia browsing.MediaCentric® will take the opportunity to present the latest technological advances in speech translation resulting from the collaboration between Bertin Technologies and Systran within the framework of the Quaero project “Online Multimedia Platform Translation”.

Translating a website into several languages to reach out to international visitors can prove to be long and tedious. SYSTRANLinks is an on-line service which enables to create multilingual versions of a website quickly and easily, whatever its contents (links, images, texts…).
This demonstration shows how to translate a website in several languages without any complicated technical operations or additional hosting.

  • TexMix – Navigation in archives of TV news (Inria)

This demo shows how to surf in a collection of TV news reports which are precut and linked by their topics. Each TV news report is dynamically enriched by adding information on named entities such as people and locations.

We will demonstrate different use cases where exploration of large image databases is required: search for illustrations, police investigation, visual content identification, etc.
We will show the different solutions provided by LTU to explore an image collection and how easy it is to set up the system.

Come and discover these demonstrations at the "Village des Innovations"!
Address: Village des Innovations, Projects Archipelago, section “Knowledge and Data”, Le Centquatre, 5, rue Curial, 75019 Paris.
Access – practical information
“Knowledge and Data” Card
More information here : Future en Seine 2012 website

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